From March 6: Todd Gurley – Last Call for the Alcohol

Sorry to see you go. You were great. This should be the final year for Todd, as arthritis has robbed him of his Super Star status. He’s now just a pretty good running back. In 2018, he signed a $60 Million extension, with $45 guaranteed.

This year he is scheduled to earn a base salary of 5.5 million. Add on one bonus and another plus all that small print and the Rams owe Todd a grand total is $17,555.000 to play football this season. The only problem that I see, is what exactly does he have left in the gas tank?

In 2018 his knees acted up after week 13 in which he ran with the ball 23 times for 132 yards.

Week 14 he ran the ball 11 times for 28 yards.

Then in week 15, he ran the ball 12 times for 48 yards.

Weeks 16 and 17 was couldn’t make to the field.

Bye week he rested and came back to run 115 yards in the divisional game against Dallas. We watched this game over 3 times just to see him and how C.J. Anderson ran all over the Cowboys for his 123 yards. Gurley had 3 big runs in the game. One was for 35 yards on an off tackle through a huge hole created by the OL. The others 2 runs for 18 and 9 against an overpowered run defense.

The Conference Championship game, he tried to play, but after 4 runs and 10 yards, he was done.

The Super Bowl was just as bad. He tried to run against the Pats and could only manage 35 yards in 10 runs.

Your can do just about anything at 25 with arthritis, climb a mountain, play baseball, even chop down a tree. What you cannot be is a Super Star running back in the NFL.

In 2019 he ran for 857 yards and couldn’t make it in weeks 6 and 9. He clearly is damaged goods and the Rams are locked in. Expect the Rams to go for a running back or 2. You can’t have a team go to the Super Bowl at 13 – 3, then drop to 9 – 7 and expect them to get back up without a running game.

Right now, there are major issues going on with the Rams.

We’re back from vacation and getting ready for the Hall of Fame game just 153 days away!

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