From March 15: Show Me the Money!!!

Darrelle Revis used to be the King of Cash. This nice man made $124 Million in his career. He even took the time to fly to New England and play for 1 year to get his ring. The new King of Cash has to be Ryan Tannehill.

In college, he only started 20 games before getting drafted by the Dolphins in 2012. He signed a contract worth $12.688 million for 4 years with a 5th year option. That sounds like a great deal to me. His time as Miami’s QB resulted in the following:

In 2012 as a starter, he was 7 – 9.

In 2013, he went 8 – 8.

In 2014, he once again went 8 – 8 and, to top it off, he gets his contract extended another $96 Million.

What’s going on here? He just went 23 and 25 the last 3 years and now he’s getting almost 100 million more.

Rolling into 2015, Ryan finished up 6 – 10.

In 2016 things took a nice turn as he went 8 – 5, with Ryan out with an injury for 3 games.

Tannehill was out in 2017 with a torn ACL.

Finally, in 2018, his final year in Miami, Tannehill was 5 – 6 as a starter.

In 7 years with Miami he was 42 – 46 and made $108.6 Million.

He was finally traded to Tennessee after the 2018 season and signed a one year $7 Million contract with incentives to go $12 Million. Needless to say he stepped in to the Titans’ locker room and had a great year. Today, he signed a 4 year $118 Million deal with $62 Million of it guaranteed.

How is it possible that Ryan Tannehill, a 42 – 46 QB with Miami and 9 – 7 thus far with Tennessee, is on track to earn $233,000.000 Million in the NFL?

Things have gotten out of hand in the NFL. This is a prime example. The players are not bigger than the game.

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