From January 28: It’s Show Time

The first game is at 3:00 in Philadelphia, between the Eagles and the 49ers. Both teams hit hard, play hard and deserve the honor to be playing on Sunday. Everyone seen both teams, and each team has a full arsenal of talent to play with. The 2 unanswered questions on each team are, can the Eagles stop Christian McCaffrey and put pressure on their QB. If they do, it’s game over.

Can the San Francisco 49ers stop AJ Brown from getting open to catch every ball in site and stop the Eagle running game? Both teams match up well and the game should be a close one.

In a closer look at the game, we do feel that the 49ers have a better Head Coach with more skills in planning a game plan on both sides of the ball. The secret weapon on the 49ers is their kicker Robbie Gould who has been perfect in the last 2 playoff games. He is perfect 4 – 4 against Seattle in FGs and 3 for 3 in extra points. In the division game he was 4 – 4 in the division game and 1 -1 in extra points.

The last 2 games the 49ers scored 60 points and Robbie Gould got the credit for 28 of them tells me this team can’t be stopped but it can be slowed down. The difference between the 2 teams will come down to a field goal or a turn over. If the Cowboys can beat the Eagles, the 49ers can beat them too. We are going with the 49ers to win + 2 ½. If you want some insurance, buy 1 point, and lay – 150. If you feel you want more action, go to the props and play the over on receptions of AJ Brown. The number is 4 ½ and he will be open.

Now for the main course. We have KC at home vs the Cincinnati Bengals, and it’s less than 24 hours away. Everyone has an opinion and by now it seems the last person to weigh in is going to be me. Im going with the Bengals on the road plus 1 ½ points. KC are home and have a questionable healthy QB and the best tight end in the NFL. The Chiefs have Andy Reid, who happens to be one of the very best Head Coaches in the league.

The Bengals are loaded everywhere. They are also healthy, won the last 3 meetings against the Chiefs and have that look and feel of a championship team. We love the addition of Haden Hurst at TE and look for him to play a big role in the upcoming game. We believe the Bengals win with room to spare. If you have any doubts, buy 1 ½ points and have a field goal in your back pocket to start the game with. We like both underdogs to win.

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