From January 21: Divisional Weekend

KC is at home vs Jacksonville and the line is – 9. The real line should be about 7 but we are given a nine. The Chiefs are favored to win it all. A bye week, being home and healthy with Andy Reid having the time to draw up a trick play or 2. It is said a good defense wins games, and a better offense wins rings. This team has it all. The Chiefs will win. The only question here is how to bet them? You can bet them straight up at – 9 or buy up to a point and a half and be at – 7 ½ . At the end of the day the Chiefs are the better team.

We are going with the 49ers over the Cowboys in the late game on Sunday. San Francisco are favored to win by 4. After watching them play all season, we’re convinced they are the real thing. The 49ers are loaded and play power football. They hit harder and have more weapons. The value is all the hype that Dallas is getting gives us a good betting line. You can always buy down the game 1 ½ points and have the 49ers under a field goal at – 2 ½. We believe this to be a huge advantage the Cowboys. We need to remember that they beat the 8 – 9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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