From Jan. 29: Conference Championships

Cincinnati at KC

We like the Chiefs here in the early game. The last time these 2 teams played each other, the game was played in Cincinnati. The Chiefs had 10 penalties and gave up some big plays. Ja’Marr Chase caught 11 passes, 3 for TDs and 266 receiving yards. KC had a sloppy game and is capable of so much more.

This game is for all the marbles and the Chiefs have been here before. The bottom line is very simple. Who has the better game plan? Which team has the better match up, and finally who executes the plays called better? We trust Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes at home.

We plan to bet the Chiefs in the early game. The line is -7. It’s always better to be above or below 7 and 3 when betting the NFL. We are going to buy 1 ½ points and bet KC – 5 ½. We like being under 1 TD.

San Francisco at L.A.

In the late game we are going with the Rams over the 49ers. The game is very even. The Rams are favored to win by 3 because they are the home team. We like the Rams because they are healthy. San Fran is not 100% healthy. Trent Williams is hurting, Jimmy G at QB is sore to mention a few. This is what the public does not know or take into consideration.

We are buying the game down to under 3 and watch the game with a healthy Cam Akers in the back field and a QB named Stafford, not Goff, play for LA.

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