From Jan. 29, 2020: San Francisco 49ers

For the last 2 months you have seen and read everything about the 49ers. Our observations don’t come from twitter, or an Instagram or 80,000 models on a computer. After watching them play hard hitting, fast, football every week, it’s obvious who is the faster team. 

They hit harder and play at a different level. The team has the runners to eat up the clock and control the game. They also have a pretty good defense.Their HC knows how to lose a Super Bowl as the offensive coordinator with the Falcons, when the Pats came back from 25 down to win. The team is healthy and ready to play. The plan is simple, play 49er football.

They have 3 runners to rotate in and out as well as some great tight ends to catch and block. The weak link is Jimmy G. He sometimes lacks the patience in the pocket when he throws. 

In the playoffs, they favored the run and believe they can control the line on offense as well as defense.

The NFL love Mahomes and Andy Reid. The sponsors are all rooting for the Chiefs and Disney World is ready rock. Our heart says KC, but we are picking the 49ers to come out on top.

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