From Jan. 12: NFL Playoffs – Almost Perfect

We did very well, but not perfect. We had Buffalo to win by 6, but they allowed Indy to hang in there to make it a close one. Buffalo won but left 10 to 14 points on the field. We did hit a home run with Tampa Bay winning our straight up bet and teaser. We had a nice teaser with Tampa Bay and New Orleans and a straight up ticket on the Saints. A real weekend.

We have 4 games coming up and we are looking at the Rams in Green Bay. The Rams QB was born in LA. He was also raised in LA. He went to college in LA. Drafted by the LA Rams and plays in LA. Coming off surgery with 3 pins in his throwing thumb, will he be ok in Green Bay in 25 degrees? We are not sure yet, but something to think about.

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