From Jan. 1: Week 17 – Happy New Cash Year

Our pick of the day is Buffalo over Miami to win. The line is currently at – 3. We have played the money line – 160 as well. We even bought a point to be at – 2. Buffalo wants to be #2 seed and stay home for the playoffs. They go to KC to play in the Championship game.

If the stars are aligned, KC could lose a game and the AFC Championships are in Buffalo. The Bills are hot, executing their plays and, overall, playing great football. They are getting back John Brown at WR and, for the first time this season, fans will be in the stands at Bills Stadium for all the playoff games.

The Dolphins are without Fitzpatrick, making this a sink or swim moment as they will only have Tua Tagovailoa at QB. After last week’s miracle win against the Raiders on national TV, Miami has gotten all the press and hype. The public is betting on Miami, but we are going the other way. If you look at the futures, Miami is 28 to 1 to win the AFC and Buffalo is 4 to 1. Check even further to see the odds for winning the SB and you will find Buffalo is 8 to 1 and Miami is 70 to 1.

Miami is the number rated defense in points allowed. This is what they tell you on the NFL Network, ESPN, Fox. What they DO NOT say is that Miami played against the Jets (2x), Patriots (2x), Jaguars, Broncos, Bengals, and Raiders. Not the best of the best!

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