From February 11: Our Pick for the Big Dance

There isn’t much to say about the game that hasn’t been said for the last two weeks. We like the Kansas City Chiefs to win. The reasons are clear, they know how to win. If you bet the 49ers and watch KC win, your first thoughts and feelings will be of sheer disgust. How could I bet Purdy over Mahomes. He is 3 – 0 at the domed stadium in Vegas. The game figures to be a tight one. We’re looking at 27 – 21. The facts are clear. The line is KC +2.

1. Patrick Mahomes, happens to be the best QB in the NFL.
2. Travis Kelce, is the best Tight end of the 2 teams, maybe the NFL.
3. Andy Reid, is the best Head coach in the NFL.
4. KC has the better defense.

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