From Feb. 6: Super Bowl LV

We made it!

We got past COVID-19, the 2020 Presidential Election, riots, and masks. Finally, it’s time to watch the two best teams in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, play for the Championship of the World, the Super Bowl. Both teams match up well and earned the right to be playing in this game. Throughout this one-of-a-kind season, we watched them play every week and feel both teams are truly superior to the other 30 teams in the NFL.

However, the one major difference between Kansas City and Tampa Bay is their respective offensive lines. Simply put, we believe the offensive line of Tampa Bay is better than the OL of the Chiefs. Here’s why.

With KC, both Super Bowl-winning pro tackles and guards are not playing this game. KC’s only returning OL player from last year’s Super Bowl is the center Austin Reiter.

Contrary to the Chiefs, the Buccaneers have finally gotten their act together, and are playing at an exceptionally high level of continuity and execution on the plays called in the huddle.

We give the Buccaneers’ OL an edge at tight end. Gronk has been healthy and blocking everyone coming his way in every game this season. He is also TB12’s #1 trusted player when a big play is needed. The other TE, Cameron Brate, has been exceptional in the playoffs. Between Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, who is expected to play, and Chris Godwin on the outside, their OL is exceptionally strong. The Tampa running backs, Fournette and Jones are healthy and hungry for the ball.

The key to Tampa Bay winning this game is for the DL to get to Mahomes and try to keep him in the pocket. Tampa has the players to stop the run. Both teams have great receivers, and we expect to see both teams take a few shots down the field early in the game. KC has a good team and Mahomes is 44 – 9 life time with the Chiefs, with a Super Bowl and MVP win. This game will be a good one.

Lastly, unlike any other team in prior Super Bowls, Tampa Bay has a legitimate home field advantage. In a game as high profile as this one, that does count for something.

All this is to say: we believe Tampa wins straight up.

On our end, we are looking at three wagers.

The one we’re playing is a prop bet that seems too good to pass up. There is an over / under wager of 2 ½ total TDs scored by Tampa and the over line is – 200. Our numbers say Tampa will score 31 or more points.

Our second wager is Tampa Bay +3. You can buy ½ a point to keep it above a field goal. We are

Our third and final wager is a 6 point teaser, with Tampa Bay +9. You can buy 1 point to be at +10 and buy down the over / under number to 49, and go with the over. You do lay – 140 but Tampa +10 and over 49 certainly looks like cash to us.

After you hit the sportsbook, grab your favorite game time snacks and hit the couch. It’s time for the biggest night in the NFL.

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