From December 18: Week 15 – Hot, Healthy and Hungry

We are coming up late on Sunday and think we found a couple of doozies. After so many years of betting on Brady, we are now going the other way and taking the Bengals to win against the Buccaneers later today.

The Line is – 3 ½. The game might be closer, but it could also be a walk in the park of 10 or more points. The Bengals continue to march to the #1 seeded team and are only weeks away from doing this.

We are also going with the Lions over the Jets later today. The Lions are the hot team. We watched them last year and this year, and can see how much this team and grown. The Lions are getting + 1 ½ and since switching QBs with the Jets starting with Wison at QB we have many reasons to like this game.

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