From December 11: Week 14 – Meat and Fish

We love Cincinnati today at home vs Baltimore. The stars seem to be aligned for the Bengals. They are starting to get hot and have the right schedule. They are seeded 6th but have beaten Tennessee and the Chiefs in the tie breaker. Week 17 they are home against Buffalo and finish up home against Baltimore.

They will finish # 1 seed and win all tie breakers. The road to Arizona starts today in Cincinnati to get to the big dance. They are favored by – 5 over Cleveland. Watson is not quite ready at QB, after being off so long. He should be good for 1 turnover and the Bengals do have the better team. The play is Cincinnati to win and lay the points.

We are going with the Dolphins over the Chargers on Sunday night football. The Dolphins have the better team, better coaches, better record and need the win. The Chargers continue to lead the league yearly in the list of teams that are under achieving. This has been going on for years. They seem to have good players, a good draft, a good off season and crumble in season. There are lots of reasons they left San Diego.

The Dolphins are favored to win by – 3. Let’s buy 1 point for insurance and make it –2.

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