From Dec. 22: Week 16

The Steelers, Titans, Saints and Seahawks all need to win.

Tennessee are home against New Orleans and their monster back Derrick Henry is supposed to be out.

The Titans lost last week at home to the Texans and now need a win against the Saints without the number 1 or 2 best power running back in the league. We would normally stay away from a game like this, because New Orleans is a dome team. However, they are seeded #3 and need to be home with a bye to have any shot of getting to the Super Bowl.

The betting line is New Orleans – 3 and – 125 on the money line.

The AFC team that needs a win are the Steelers. There seeded # 6 and on the road in New York against the Jets. They have the same record as Tennessee 8 – 6 and favored by 3. Pittsburgh has the better defense and is a better team. They are favored by 3 and should win.

The other team that needs a win today are the Seahawks. They are seeded # 5 and could jump up to # 1 with a win today and next week at home against the 49ers. There playing Arizona at home, and the line is – 8. The Cardinals can score but at – 8 we feel the play is to buy 2 points. We like – 6 if we go with them.

These are 3 games with 3 teams that must get a win.

Our Play will be the Saints on the money line – 125 and later on we’re going to buy 2 points on the Seahawks and go with them at – 6.

On a side note we’re staying away from the Cowboys / Eagles game. You cannot trust these 2 teams with the year they have had. Their records speak for themselves. The other game we are not touching are the Jets and Pittsburgh.

At this time of the year, you stay with the proven winners. The Saints and Seahawks are both good and know how to win.

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