From Dec. 11: Week 14 – Big Lines Coming Out of Vegas!

The betting lines are high. It seems the books want their money back after giving it out, last week. We are going to stay with the best teams that we can trust. We are alive on a teaser with Green Bay and will stay with them at 11 ½. You can buy 1 ½ points and take them straight up at – 10. Chicago has only scored 201 points all season. The Bears are 1 – 4 their last 5 games. Chicago and their rookie QB will not be able to keep up with them.

Our 2nd game of trust will be Arizona at home. The Rams just lost another running back and down to Sony Michel to carry the load against the # 1 team in points allowed. The Rams are 2 -3 their last 5 games and not playing like champions. The line is Arizona – 2 ½. The money line is – 130. This is a game Arizona needs to win. They are # 1 seeded team in the NFC and keep the road to the Super Bowl going thru Arizona.

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