From Dec. 1: Week 12 Wrap – Seattle —6 ½ was a Disaster

Every season I am asked the same question. Why do you buy 1 point or a half or even up to 2 points a game? The answer is simple. Vegas always has the edge. The betting lines are created to give us an illusion that we have the edge. With all the data that is available online and off the betting line is created.

We bought ½ a point last night as we calculated that Seattle was at least 2 field goals better than the Eagles. We should have bought 1 point and lay – 135 to win 100. In some places it was – 140 to buy the game down 5 ½. We do make mistakes, but it is better to break even than lose.

If you are not happy with the line, buy a point. Last night’s ending was a perfect example. Have a question on any team or games, feel free to reach out to our group page.

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