From August 5: Our Parlays Pay More.

Back in March, we wrote the following post on parlays. This was on our business page. In anticipation of tonight’s Hall of Fame game, we’re now sharing this with those of you following us here. #HallOfFame #NFL #Parlays

Our Parlays Pay More.

Everyone loves the action. Whenever we all have our lock games, those are the days when we decide to hook them up with another game and bet a 2-team, 3-team or more parlay. The sportsbooks love players who make these bets. It is hard enough to pick one winner, let alone two or more. The current odds from Vegas are listed here in the picture.

According to every sportsbook in and out of Nevada, a 2-team parlay will get you back $360.00. If I like two games on any NFL weekend, I am going to add $10 and make a proper bet of $110 to win $100. If the game hits, I will collect $210.00. Let us say, then, that I take the $210 and bet it on my other game. I would now be laying $210 to win $200. In this scenario, I much prefer a return of $410 for picking two winners over the $360 that the casino would be paying for the same two winners.

What if, instead of two games, you like 3 games or 4 or even 5? You can wait until next week or even the week after if you are not happy with the games. Remember, there are now 17 weeks of the NFL regular season as well as pre and post season.
Let us look at a long-term 3-team parlay. I have $410 after 2 games. I will bet the $410 and collect $782 after 3 winners, whereas the casinos are paying $700 for a 3-team parley. Then on my 4th game, I will bet $782 and get back $1,492.00 while the sportsbook pays $1200.00 for a 4-team parlay.

Now, hitting a 5-team parlay is very cool. Picking five winners does take a bit of time. It might even take a few weeks. Cashing in on a 5-team parlay will see the casino pay you $2,300.00. With our bet of the $1492 we have for hitting 4 games, we will fire away and cash out with $2,848.00. With our method, you can win an extra $548.00 for picking five winners if you do it right.

Comparatively, you are making 25% more profit looking for five good games over a longer period instead of the one time you are at the window to lay down a 5-team parlay.

All of this is to say: if you love a game, fire away. Otherwise, have patience and bet when it is right for you.

If you pick 1 winner a week for 17 weeks next season and start with $100, you will be into the Millions.

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