From August 13: Week 1 – Coming Attractions

We are ready to send it in. This year will be different from others, as COVID-19 is here for the time being. This means no fans, no preseason games or scrimmages against other teams and most importantly, less time to prepare.

This last factor means rookies are potentially priceless for us. They have no time to prepare and step up their game to the NFL level. Then add in new coaches, new plays to learn for the offense, new defense formations against a real NFL offense. This will also cause a lack of continuity resulting in more penalty’s.
The first few games of every season are always the toughest to pick, as most teams are just not ready to play.

The early advantage of this season will go to the offense. It goes there because we have a handful of QBs who can come out of a huddle and can read the defense. They can see the mismatches, rookies and change the play to pick apart the defense in a matter of seconds.

The Big 4 QBs are:
Drew Brees
Aaron Rogers
Russell Wilson
Tom Brady

All 4 of these top shelf QB’s can put their teams out of reach by half time. That they all happen to be on good teams is another reason to give them a real look. Good teams, returning veterans, and continuity are some of the things we have to look at, as well as our list of other key signs to make the right pick.

The 4 games we’re looking at are,
Houston vs KC
Cleveland vs Baltimore
New York Jets vs Buffalo
Dallas vs LA Rams

Let’s see if they can stay healthy for 3 weeks.

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