Friday night in Sin City!

Photograph of highway sign

It’s going to be a brisk 45 degrees tonight and we are ready. If you read our recent post, we are going with the Patriots, having bought 2 points and are very much involved at -11 1/2. Hogan is back and the weather will be cold, ice cold.

After watching the Steelers all season long, we have come up with an interesting take on the team. They barely win and do not cover the line most of the time. Their pass defense is suspect, but can stop the run. Their offense has not showed up this year.

The Jaguars have some team. They have a great defense, an excellent runner, good receivers, and no QB. We look for each team to run the ball as much as they can. Both teams have a real defense and look for Pittsburgh to try to build up a lead and run out the clock. Their head coach loves to pull players and have them healthy for the next week. He will take no chances here.

He will watch both games on Saturday, especially the New England game. Should the Patriots be the team they are and win, it’ll only be a matter of getting past Jacksonville.

Pittsburgh is playing a very good team, however there also playing against their ego and will have to block out the Patriot game. We see a conservative game and lots of hard hitting. The weather will be freezing and the high is only supposed to be 17. The over / under is 41. Try to buy a point and go with the under. We certainly are.

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