Divisional Playoffs

Hello, Football Fans! We’re down to 4 games and 8 teams, looking for a situation of one team simply being better than the other or the exact opposite. The Saturday games were good ones: Seattle Seahawks at the Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans up at the New England Patriots.

Seattle and Atlanta on paper were very close, as the Seahawks had a good pass defense and the Falcons were home and playing very well. With the match up between quarterbacks (Russell Wilson vs. Matt Ryan), we decided there were other games to look at and possibly come back to.

New England at home was a strong 15 1/2 point favorite and the wagering logic was Houston starting the game with a lead of 2 touchdowns and a field goal. We have watched both teams this year, especially Houston, with huge quarterback issues due to the lack of talent and leadership as they backed their way into the playoffs on their defense. Comparing the visiting Texans & Brock Osweiler vs. the Patriots at home & Tom Brady with better coaches, a healthy team, and the added bonus of an extra week off. We saw a situation where one team could not win and another that could not lose the final score 34 -13. This was a great example of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, and a huge win here for us!

After a great Saturday win with the Patriots, we looked at Sunday’s games: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburg Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs.

The Packers were rolling and Rogers showed the world how good of a quarterback he truly is. With the Cowboys having the year they had, this was a great game to watch and do homework.

The final game of the weekend was the Steelers in Kansas City to play the Chiefs and, again, the line was to pick them while being too close to call. This was also another good game to watch.

After watching four games and looking back, there were only 7 real teams playing. Houston was the weak link, with a lesson to be learned: you can’t win in the NFL without a real Quarterback leading the team.

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