Coming Up in 2017: Rivalries and Revenge Games

There are always a few good games that we are privileged to watch each season. Some of them are called rivalry games and others, for the sake of this posting, are called revenge games. We call the revenge games “Money in the Bank” games. Sometimes they’re easy to find and other times we have to dig and dig and really take a look. Usually they’re just bad blood games.

Certain teams are just like little kids and don’t play well together. Cincinnati and Pittsburg and Denver and New England. There is no love when these teams play each other.

Revenge games come and go from year to year. Last year New England was shut out by Buffalo, at home, on Week 3 of Brady’s four game suspension. In Week 8, with Brady back in the saddle, it was time to turn the tables in Buffalo and NE beat them in front of their home fans by 41 to 25 and covered the line.

These NFC and AFC rivalries are full of bad blood and great games to watch but generally not a good idea to get involved with financially. Green Bay vs Minnesota, Dallas vs Washington, New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburg vs Baltimore and especially Cincinnati vs Pittsburg – DO NOT WAGER! Keep your money in your pocket for another day. There are too many emotions, penalties all over the place and the adrenalin is at an all time high. These great rivalry games are useless because anything can happen and usually does.

Week 3 of the preseason recap up next. Huge events are going on in training camp that are going to shape the season and turn into profit shortly. Why are going to wait until the 3rd game to post an update is a good question. Let’s watch the starters play a little bit and see how the teams are shaping up. With 32 teams getting ready, we are starting to see a few situations already in play. Stay tuned. We are already watching a few teams that smell like money.

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