From Sept. 11: Christmas Cash NOW: Our Free 2020 Season Pick

Last night, Kansas City won and so did we. We’re now 1 – 0 and are going to invest in a 2020 season futures bet.

The Jacksonville Jaguars currently have a total win number of 4 ½ games for this season. They have no running back, a bad front 4 on defense and offense, and have traded away the team for future draft picks. They open the season against the Colts this coming Sunday at home. The Jaguars do not match well with Indy and will get crushed.

Looking past Sunday, their 8 road games are against Tennessee, Cincinnati, Houston, LA Chargers, Green Bay, Minnesota, Baltimore and Indy.

We do not see them winning any road games, resulting with a record of 0 – 8. Add this weekend and we are at 0 – 9. Our wager will be under 4 ½ games and laying – 125 to win 100. They may win 2 or 3 games by accident.

Based on this outlook, Jacksonville will have the number 1 draft pick come spring of 2021.

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