Call The Police! We Were Robbed!

Photograph of Tom Brady and Patriots

Who kidnapped the Defense at Heinz Field?!? Both teams should be arrested for impersonating a NFL football team.

The lesson of the day, and perhaps the entire year, was that Jacksonville and Pittsburgh could not be trusted on a week to week basis to perform as they should have. They now fall into the group of teams that we are able to eliminate weekly, including the Bengals, Cardinals, Chargers, Lions, etc., etc.

We’re down to the final 4.

Suggest we all look at New England at -9 and buy 2 points.

We see a few more players on offense getting healthy next week. Brady is Money in the Bank. Buy 2 points and step it up. The term is called “double up to catch up”. The Patriots are a team that if you bet right are Money in the Bank.

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