Buying Points!

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This is a term used when placing a wager on football games. Let’s use the NFL as an example of what this actually means. If you wish to change the nature of the bet, you simply tell the sports book or person / persons taking your bet if you wish to buy up to 2 points on that particular game. If your team is favored by say 7 1/2 points and you think it’s too high, you will pay a fee and can get that line down to 7 or 6 1/2 points, even all the way to 5 1/2 points (if you wish to do so). You can even go with the other team and buy point’s putting you at up to + 9 1/2.

The same is said for anyone who bets on the over / under total of the game. When the odds come out from week to week, there is always a total to give you the option of wagering if the final score is over the number or under. You can still buy up to 2 points in either direction and this takes time and skill to determine the answer to the question “Is the right bet the over or the under?”

This past Sunday, we advised our readers and members to buy 2 points on the Packer vs Rams game which was hovering between near 57. Our calculations showed that there should be at least 7 touch downs and 2 field goals. At 55 points it seemed like a great bet. An Aaron Rogers vs Jared Goff matchup was good for 7 TDs. The line to bet the game straight up was too high, however we knew there would be lots of points.

These situations happen a few times each year and you have to be ready for the right game, where you have the best opportunity to win. There are many services out there that give out their picks, free or not so free. They’re huge companies and depend on volume (aka members) to stay open. They will also have picks in every sport. While no one, including us, is perfect, we will always have the time to explain our logic and reasons why we believe there is an edge in wagering on the NFL. We specialize in one sport.

The picture above is an excellent example of finding a game and taking full advantage of it. Our posts below show the games, the reasons and the positive results.

Week 9 is coming up and we have a game that no one is looking at.

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