Bad Teams = Profit

Everyone in the world loves to pick a winner. Anyone who watches the NFL games from week to week will always say to themselves, or anyone who will listen, who they like to win the game. This goes on with every sport whether you have a financial interest/bet/wager on the game or not. If you’re going to place a wager on an NFL game, you’re basing your decision on who is going to win – not lose.

How about identifying a truly bad team? If you can pick a winner then surely the other team is the loser. We look at both sides because it is the same process to find a truly bad team as a good one. As there are 30 to 40 factors we take into account to find the good to great teams there are just as many to take into account to identify the bad ones.

At the end of the day, if you have made the right decision to bet on the winner, or against the loser, you get paid. Just as the law of averages say that in the long run the best team does win, it stands to reason that they also say the worst team will lose!

You’ll know by now that the common thread of all our postings, is that we look for a situation to take advantage of and to make a calculated decision.

Both decisions, when properly diagnosed, equals profit!

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