Bad Quarterbacks, Rookies and Losing Quarterbacks = More Winners and More Profit

Everyone talks of the great ones: Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Aaron Rogers, Russell Wilson, and “Big Ben” Roethlisberger. No one really says a lot about the consistently losing ones: Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer, and Philip Rivers. They’re all good guys that can throw the ball a mile but they don’t win. When they don’t win, there is money to be made. Over the years, though, one thing is certain: all good teams that win have to have a good-to-great quarterback.

Some get better, some get worse but the mediocre ones stay that way. Ryan Tannehill (Miami Dolphins) suffers from too much money and limited talent. The latter also applies to Cutler and Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions). There are teams with up and coming stars such as Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota, Los Angeles’ Jared Goff and, possibly, Washington’s Kirk Cousins. There are even teams in the NFL with NO quarterback: the Cleveland Browns, NY Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, San Francisco 49ers, and The Houston Texans to mention a few. Even Denver has a quarterback issue due to lack of talent and/or experience. This deplorable situation of the lack of quality quarterbacks makes it possible to identify the mismatches and situational games where it is possible to find a team that can’t lose or a team that cannot possible win.

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