A Question about the Helmet rule

Photograph of Dallas Cowboy Helmets

We are on other sites and this question came up. I thought it might be a good idea to explain this a bit more in depth.

Stephen E: How does a highly publicized new rule give you an edge?

Howard Schwartz: The better the offense, the more penalties the other team has to have in order to slow them down and stay in the game. Each foul is 15 yards closer to a FG or Red Zone opportunity

Stephen E: That’s not necessarily true, and you didn’t answer how the new helmet rule specifically gives you an edge. I understand if you want to be vague, but I don’t see how a rule change that everyone knows about gives you a personal edge.

Howard Schwartz: Because I have been watching and writing about the NFL many years. The theory of logic is still correct, at the end of the day the best team will win and the worst team will lose. To properly diagnose the new rule, to me it reads that the team with a superior offense has the advantage as they can clearly move the ball better down the field. There will be more penalties committed by the defense than the offense. The teams that have the least amount of talent and worse defense are at a disadvantage. They will be coming over from the linebacking position to help on the defense and the CB and safety will be there to help with a WR who clearly has the advantage. Any passes going over the middle or a back coming out has a better shot of being tackled with some use of the helmet. This is a first year major rule and all college kids making the team or a 2nd year player are still relatively new to the NFL. For the Veterans who are playing since kids there is a natural instinct to use the helmet during the play. My theory stands and have seen enough where the end result will protect the players from any potential injury and increase the odds of getting the ball closer to the end zone and FG territory.

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