2017 – Hall of Fame Game – August 3rd

What to look for and what you will not see!

We are now just a few days away from the Hall of Fame game and it should be a real sleeper game. The biggest and brightest stars of the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals will all be there and, unfortunately, they will be mostly on the sidelines. Do not expect to see Carson Palmer or Larry Fitzgerald on the field. Why should they be? Carlson is 37 and Fitzgerald is 34 and the game means absolutely nothing. Nobody wants to get injured.

The Cowboys will feature a handful of starters but don’t go to the kitchen for a snack as they will be in and out in a flash. Even Jerry Jones knows they can’t afford any injuries, especially during their first preseason game. Arizona is an interesting team. Carlson Palmer is 37 yrs old and with rebuilt knees and entering his 15th year, he has proven one thing to us – he does NOT win the big one. His back up, Drew Stanton is 33years old, 6-3 as a starter and has 10 yrs experience. In 2016 he threw for 2 TDs and had 3 interceptions with a Quarterback rating of 39.6! This is a wonderful example of a team that you have to watch the first 4 games and maybe 1 or 2 more for them .

If you feel you must make a wager on this game as the money in your pocket is burning a hole, go out for a nice dinner and enjoy yourself. This game is all about conditioning, timing, and rookies looking to make the cut.

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